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Schowalter student teaching english

October 9, 2013

Will Schowalter is a student-teacher for Michelle Abshire’s English 1 and English 3 classes. Schowalter’s inspiration to become a teacher comes from when he was in school. His teachers said he would...

Inside look: Laura Hemberger

October 9, 2012

Here at the high school many new students come in every year. But this year three of these new students are from Germany. Their names are Jacob, Lea Fouler, and Laura Hemberger. Hemberger came here...

Inside look: Lea Forler

October 1, 2012

Midnight, August 17 Lea Forler stepped off a plane after a 7 hour layover in Chicago and a 10 hour flight from Germany. Just three days before, Lea had no idea she would be coming to Kansas. All Forler...

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