PHS Journalism

Wrong Answers Only

Reporters Natalie Glassel and Avery Winterscheid test students on their ability to respond quickly and creatively
Natalie Glassel, Multimedia Editor November 22, 2022

Elsie Fleming, senior, paints a childs face at Family Art Night

Art Appreciation Gallery

Students explore their creativity
Natalie Glassel, Multimedia Editor November 22, 2022

Shifting to Thrifting

Natalie Glassel, Multimedia Editor November 14, 2022

Suicide Awareness Month Gallery

Suicide Awareness Month Gallery

Counselors provide opportunities to relieve stress during suicide awareness month
October 7, 2022

Welcome Home

Teachers experience their first weeks
Natalie Glassel, Online Editor October 5, 2022

A New Normal

A New Normal

Natalie Glassel, Online Editor September 29, 2022

PHS Prom 2022

PHS Prom 2022

Natalie Glassel, Managing Editor April 26, 2022


The Best of Friends

Gagnebin and Heger describe their tight-knit relationship
Natalie Glassel, Managing Editor April 20, 2022

Interviewer: How old were you when you met? Heger: I was in fourth grade. I was like ten. Gagnebin: I was nine. Interviewer: What is your favorite activity to do together? Heger: Whenever we have...

Mike Dumpert, head football coach, and Steve Gorsuch, assistant football coach, enjoy their last year teaching and coaching. Both created legacies for future students to follow.

The End of an Era

Dumpert and Gorsuch leave behind a legacy
Lily Woolsey and Addison Smith March 3, 2022

Breaking Down the Dress Code

Breaking Down the Dress Code

Natalie Glassel, Managing Editor February 16, 2022

To get an Idea of what students think about the dress code, Zoe Parker, sophomore, shared her opinion. Have you ever broken the dress code? I do [break the dress code] because I want to wear what I...

Jovanni Blackie, junior, crowd surfs during Prom at Town Square April 24.

Prom Pictures

April 30, 2021

Rockin in Food

Rockin’ in Food

Emma Jenkins, Reporter December 17, 2020

Zoe Parker, freshman, tried the Travis Scott burger because she thought it looked good. “I thought it looked super good and was going to be better than the Big Mac but after I [tried it, I] thought...

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