Breaking Down the Dress Code

Natalie Glassel, Managing Editor

To get an Idea of what students think about the dress code, Zoe Parker, sophomore, shared her opinion.
Have you ever broken the dress code?
I do [break the dress code] because I want to wear what I want and I think the dress code is stupid.

What were you wearing when you got dress coded?
I was wearing a black shirt. It was a crop top, it had ruffles on the bottom, it tied in the front and my stomach was showing a lot but I did not get dress-coded.

Have you ever been dress coded?
I almost got dress coded by [Stacy Maimer, paraprofessional,] once but she kind of just told me to pull my skirt down or put a shirt over it.

Do all teachers enforce the dress code?
I know some teachers really care about the dress code and there are some like [Kirby Kenny, Spanish teacher,] that think its stupid because if girls or guys feel confident in what they’re wearing they should be able to wear it. [The dress code] shouldn’t matter.

Why do you think that some teachers choose not to enforce the dress code?
I feel like they understand that we are teenagers and there are fashion trends that go around that we want to do even if they aren’t school appropriate.

Do you think that the boys at school have the same dress code restrictions as the girls?
They definitely do not because I have seen multiple dudes wearing cut off tees or wearing short shorts. I don’t think they enforce it on the boys at all.

What is your opinion on the dress code as a whole?
I think that it needs to be changed a little bit for society now. Back in the day, most of the clothes weren’t trendy but now they are and we want to wear what we want to wear.

Do you think that the dress code chooses to target the female students?
I personally do because it is only girls that are getting looked at and being told they need to change or cover up.

Do you think a dress code is necessary for high schoolers?
I think it is necessary, but I think it is a little too strict especially because we are in high school and not in middle school anymore.