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Welcome Home

Teachers experience their first weeks
Natalie Glassel, Online Editor October 5, 2022

A New Normal

A New Normal

Natalie Glassel, Online Editor September 29, 2022

Adios, Adieu and Au Revoir

Staff members write goodbye messages to the class of 2021
Addison Smith, Managing Editor April 27, 2021

From Morgan Roth, English teacher: Seniors, Including my student-teaching experience, you are the first class I've had the privilege of watching grow and develop from their freshmen year into their senior...

Borrowing the Field

Borrowing the Field

Why Piper High School had their homecoming on Paola's field
Natalie Glassel, Co-Social Media Editor November 6, 2020

Piper High School wasn’t able to host its homecoming on its own field because Piper is in Wyandotte County. Because of the pandemic, no high schools in the county would host athletic events. Piper...

Freshman Fears

Freshman Fears

A look into what freshman think about when coming into high school
Natalie Glassel, Co-Social Media Editor October 21, 2020

Becoming a highschooler is an exciting moment in everyone’s life, but is also one of the scariest experiences. Josslyn Fuller, freshman, went to the freshman orientation, where student council members...

Marina Johnson runs for a cross country meet at Eudora on September 5.

Practice Makes Perfect

Fall athletes prepare for their upcoming season
Abi Shore, Co-Social Media Editor October 21, 2020

Marina Johnson, senior, is excited to be running cross country again after a long recovery that prevented her from running her junior year. “I've been recovering from two surgeries that have kept...

Jack-O-Lanterns carved by Madisyn Robertson and KD Repphan on October 11.

Hallorona 2020

How Halloween is looking with Covid-19
Madisyn Robertson, Co-Social Media Editor October 21, 2020

The doors are closed, the porch lights are off and the streets are empty. The only indication of this night is glowing jack-o-lantern in windows and on decks. This could be the scene on Halloween. According...

Sloan, Markovich adapt to curbside, no service at eateries

Kaylee Miller, Reporter May 7, 2020

With the pandemic looming, many eateries now offer their dishes by carry-out, drive-through and delivery. Several restaurants in the area don’t charge delivery fees, minimize contact and while diners...

Cheating easier with online schooling, but many maintain integrity

Mason Escobar, Reporter May 7, 2020

While completing schoolwork at home, many students face a heightened temptation to cheat on assignments. Autumn Craig, sophomore, said, “I feel like everyone has felt the pressure to cheat since it's...

Students prepare for AP exams even with stay-at-home ordered. Pictured are Skylar Markovich and Tabitha Cantrell, juniors.

Students prep for AP exams in history, math

Macayla Enman, Managing editor May 7, 2020

Even with the stay-at-home order and moving to online classes, nothing stopped the AP Exam. However, Tabitha Cantrell, junior, said online classes are easier because she can get them done on her own...

Eilts, Anderson keep on track despite stay-at-home order

Eilts, Anderson keep on track despite stay-at-home order

Kaylee Miller, Reporter April 22, 2020

Walking into freshman orientation the thought of being in high school was unbelievable: the Friday night lights at the football stadium, sitting in the Rat Pack screaming at the top of your lungs You...

EMTs take risks to help others during pandemic.

EMTs take risks to help those in need

Lillian Owens, Reporter April 17, 2020

People who are being greatly affected by this pandemic are the EMTs who go out every day and work around sick people and risk getting sick themselves. “The EMT’s are required to take mandatory showers...

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