Cheating easier with online schooling, but many maintain integrity

Mason Escobar, Reporter

While completing schoolwork at home, many students face a heightened temptation to cheat on assignments.
Autumn Craig, sophomore, said, “I feel like everyone has felt the pressure to cheat since it’s a lot easier to. I can’t say that I’ve cheated but I know some people have since teachers can’t see what’s behind the screen and they can’t see if students are looking up answers.”
Craig also offers unique insights on some of the pressures students are facing now. “There’s not a lot of pressure from peers, but there feels like there’s more pressure from parents. Parents feel more like it’s their fault if we fail,” Craig said.
One anonymous student added, “it’s so easy to cheat with the way things are set up now. I doubt many people really care about their academic integrity.”
Kaitlyn White, senior, said cheating and sharing homework assignments is probably now easier because students are not completing work under the supervision of a teacher. She doesn’t, however, battle the allure of cheating.
“I really just don’t see the point in cheating other than laziness. There isn’t that much work, and it isn’t very hard to do. Most of my assignments can’t be copied anyway,” White said. Even when presented with an opportunity to cheat, White prefers fully completing her work for its educational benefit.
“Honestly, it takes just as much effort to cheat as it does to do the assignment. I’d rather kill some time and actually learn something,” White said.