Eilts, Anderson keep on track despite stay-at-home order


Kaylee Miller, Reporter

Walking into freshman orientation the thought of being in high school was unbelievable: the Friday night lights at the football stadium, sitting in the Rat Pack screaming at the top of your lungs You thought it has to be “one for the memories” type of story.
Molly Eilts, freshman, said having her first year cut short has been dreadful. “When I walked into school the first day of orientation, I knew this year was going to be extravagant,” Eilts said.
Class of 2023 was off to a great start, with making the football team or the cheer squad, or joining the chess club, and even making the academic banquet. Eilts said that going to the academic banquet made her feel special. After she was called on to the floor, she saw Layne Anderson, freshman waving to her shyly in line ahead of her. Eilts later grabbed a picture with Anderson and asked him how he was feeling about freshman year.
“I’ve started this year focused on myself and my goals. I’ve done well in school and in football,” Anderson said.
With having the ability to change your dreams and who you are, Anderson took advantage of that option. Anderson didn’t like the way he was in eighth grade, so he had the dedication and the help of his dad, Mark Glenn. Anderson and his dad got into CrossFit on track.
“Crossfit helped save me. I was out of shape and got on track with all places,” Anderson said.
Anderson continued over the year to grow his progress in competitions for CrossFit, and work on building a mindset for himself, even with the stalling of school and shutdown communities. Anderson thought to himself, could he continue his mindset path for the rest of his high school career, without the virus putting it to a halt? That’s when he knew right then and there, he could do it while being at home.
“With school being shut down I had to change my ways in school and make my freshman year still a year to remember. I continued to go to the CrossFit gyms until they closed down, now I made a gym in my garage to continue with my dreams,” Anderson said.