The Best of Friends

Gagnebin and Heger describe their tight-knit relationship


Natalie Glassel

Natalie Glassel, Managing Editor

Interviewer: How old were you when you met?
Heger: I was in fourth grade. I was like ten.
Gagnebin: I was nine.

Interviewer: What is your favorite activity to do together?
Heger: Whenever we have not hung out in a while just catching up is so much fun.
Gagnebin: I would say whenever we go get chipotle or shopping. We love to shop together.

Interviewer: Why is she important to you?
Heger: Bailey is important to me because I know she values my happiness. Even though she is really honest, I know it is to help me. She is always looking out for me.
Gagnebin: Katie is my other half. We always say if I were a guy she would be my soulmate because she keeps me calm when I am angry, she makes me happy when I am sad.
Interviewer: What is the funniest story of you two together?
Heger: Whenever Bailey and I first met, it was one of the first couple times coming to her house and it was around Halloween. Bailey wanted this really big pumpkin in the bottom of the barrel so Nancy, her mom, grabbed me by my ankles and my legs were open and I literally farted right in her face.
Gagnebin: I think mine is probably more recent. We were talking about pet peeves and I was talking about how the way my mom drinks water just makes me so mad she goes “The way my mom just breathes,” and we just lost it.
Heger: My mom is a mouth breather and it is just really loud.

Interviewer: What is it like having your best friend in your advisory?
Heger: Oh my gosh is it the greatest thing ever. It is like coming home to your spouse. If you have a bad day at work you know that at the end of the day you just get to see the one person you love and that will always support me and help me out. If I have a crappy day at least I can tell Bailey about it.
Gagnebin: I think for me, we have a lot of classes together which has never happened before, but we always find something to talk about. If something happens in a class we do not have together I am like “I cannot wait to tell Katie.”

Interviewer: What core memories do you have with Katie/Bailey?
Heger: Whenever my grandma, who was really old, was trying to get out of the truck and she could not get it into park all the way because she was really meek and little and so she got out and the driver’s door was open and knocked her down and started rolling down her driveway and ran her over. We were at her house whenever that happened I had to sit on the back porch and wait for the ambulance to come. It was actually really scary but Bailey was there with me. Whenever [my grandma] went into hospice I went to Bailey’s house right after school. Right after she died I know that my family wanted to be with me but I wanted to be with Bailey. Those are probably my most important core memories, Just how she was there for me and all the funny things that happen every day.
Gagnebin: Mine is just like a boy broke my heart and I told her about it. She was like “Do you want to come over here? Do you want me to come over there? What do you want, chocolate? I will get it for you. Whatever you need I will get it. Do not even text me, I will just come,” she just listened to what I wanted to say.

Interviewer: Why would you say you get along so well?
Heger: Because we are complete opposites. We never like the same boys, which Bailey has run into with almost every single one of our friends, but that has never happened with us. We are just opposites and it is really good for advice because she can give me the other side. I am not confrontational but Bailey is so she is like “You know what? You need to stick up for yourself,” or whenever Bailey is about to get into an argument with someone I am like “Maybe you should not.”
Gagnebin: I think we balance each other well. I will one hundred percent go into an argument hot headed. I am ready to just obliterate a person but she tells me to calm down. I just think Katie is the sweetest person ever and I do not think I am the sweetest person ever. Like I will be honest I do not think I am all rainbows and sunshine and I think Katie is so I just think it is just a nice balance.
Heger: It is a good balance. I think we would be way too much for each other, and run out of things to talk about but everything Bailey says intrigues me and that is why we are so good together.