Schowalter student teaching english

Brittany Feugate, Reporter

Will Schowalter is a student-teacher for Michelle Abshire’s English 1 and English 3 classes.
Schowalter’s inspiration to become a teacher comes from when he was in school. His teachers said he would be a good teacher. He said when he is teaching, it is a lot of work because there are a lot of papers to grade and he has to keep track of students when they are gone.
He said so far working as a student teacher is going well and he loves coming to school every day.
In the summer, Schowalter will return to Italy to work at an English summer camp where he has worked for the last three years. When next school year starts, he will go France to work for the U.S. government as an English teacher for eight months.
Schowalter said he likes to travel and teach English. He said he loves experiencing new things, new places and new cultures.
Schowalter is going to leave in May for Italy, then for France in September. Ten years down the road, he said he hopes he will still be somewhere overseas, ideally in France or Italy because he said they are wonderful, beautiful places.