Inside look: Lea Forler

Natalie Eppler, Reporter

Midnight, August 17 Lea Forler stepped off a plane after a 7 hour layover in Chicago and a 10 hour flight from Germany.

Just three days before, Lea had no idea she would be coming to Kansas. All Forler knew was that she had enjoyed her two week trip to the United States two years ago and couldn’t wait to come back.

Waiting at the airport were the Colwells, Forler’s host family. According to Lea they are her second family “They make me feel at home,” she said.

There are many differences between here and Bad Mergentheim, the town of 20,000 where Lea grew up. First of all, there is no air conditioning in Germany. It’s too cold in school, Lea said.

Another adjustment between here and Germany is school in Germany goes from 8 A.M to 1 P.M. Also in Germany there are no school sports. Forler is part of a football (soccer) club in Germany instead of a school program. Another major difference in Germany is teenagers can’t drive until they’re17 and can only drive by themselves after their 18th Birthday.

At first it was hard for Forler to be away from her family and friends, but now she says, “It’s my life here”.

One of Lea’s favorite things about the U.S. is the kindness shown to her by everyone she meets. Although she enjoys spending time with all her new friends Forler still has time to call her boyfriend in Germany on a regular basis.

This year Forler, a 17 year old senior is taking French 1, Algebra 2, General Music, Strength, and many other classes. In Germany classes are much the same, but focus is put more on music than athletics.

Over her 10 month stay in Paola, Forler has many new things to experience including football games and cheeseburgers.

Forler will return to Germany on June 26th. Hopefully she will still be saying, “Heir ist es toll! (It’s great here).