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Sport’s long term effects on the body

Sport's long term effects on the body

Megan Stover, Reporter

February 10, 2014

On Sept. 27, Senior Christian Peuser suffered an injury that ended the remainder of his high-school football career. "It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life," Peuser said. “My leg got really hot and then I could feel something moving in it and whenever I tried to straighten it out, it felt...

Donate to Cops for Tots and Angel Tree

Natalie Eppler, Staff member

November 20, 2013

For over 500 children living in Miami County Santa Claus doesn’t just come down the chimney or ride a sleigh. For these kids, Santa arrives riding on a fire truck or in a police patrol vehicle. “We get the best reactions,” Cops for Tots volunteer Barb Fisher said. “The children are always so...

Extra step takes time

Audrey Brodie, Reporter

November 15, 2013

Math teachers Natalie Steutermann and Darrah Batcheler agree the changes to My Big Campus make it more difficult to work with. My Big Campus is based off of Facebook. Its appearance is similar; you have your own profile, along with comment boxes. However, this is not a social site. This website allows...

Prepping for ACT

Mariona Olasz, Reporter

November 15, 2013

Sarah Phipps, senior, said students who take the ACT should make sure they prepare for it and study. “You should actually study,” Phipps said. “Don’t just assume you’re going to do fine. Make sure you prepare for it.” The ACT is a college entrance test that college-bound students must...

Angermayer hired as library aide

Brittany Feugate, Reporter

October 29, 2013

Tracey Angermayer is a new library aide at PHS. When Angermayer started working in the district, she was a library aide at Hillsdale Elementary in 2006. The same year, she started as a seventh grade paraprofessional at the Middle school. She said that she loves working with kids and is a very organized...

New classes up for discussion

Eric Haefele, Reporter

October 29, 2013

Genetics, zoology, history of sports and Algebra 3 are just the start. These classes are just some of the possibilities for next year. It’s not official, but there are many discussions going on to decide whether to accept these new classes or not Bressler said. New classes are always on the table...

Advanced accounting

Katharina Dietz, Reporter

October 29, 2013

A new class offered this year gives students the opportunity to get 3 hours of college credit for $86.00. According to the teacher, Monty Chayer, students learn about bookkeeping for corporations, they learn to read how corporations are doing and practice making decisions in the class. “It’s fun...

New music courses offered

Megan Stover, Reporter

October 29, 2013

Sandra Buntin, vocal music instructor, said she was excited to introduce two new classes to her curriculum this year. Buntin introduced World Music Appreciation and American Music Appreciation as replacements for General Music and Music Motivation. “The classes are planned very similar,” Buntin...

Schowalter student teaching english

Brittany Feugate, Reporter

October 9, 2013

Will Schowalter is a student-teacher for Michelle Abshire’s English 1 and English 3 classes. Schowalter’s inspiration to become a teacher comes from when he was in school. His teachers said he would be a good teacher. He said when he is teaching, it is a lot of work because there are a lot of papers...

Inside look: Laura Hemberger

October 9, 2012

Here at the high school many new students come in every year. But this year three of these new students are from Germany. Their names are Jacob, Lea Fouler, and Laura Hemberger. Hemberger came here with Lea and Jacob through the Partnership International or in America it is known as FLAG. This helps...

Inside look: Lea Forler

Natalie Eppler, Reporter

October 1, 2012

Midnight, August 17 Lea Forler stepped off a plane after a 7 hour layover in Chicago and a 10 hour flight from Germany. Just three days before, Lea had no idea she would be coming to Kansas. All Forler knew was that she had enjoyed her two week trip to the United States two years ago and couldn’t...

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