Literary Magazine Submissions

Students share poems and artwork for the school’s literary magazine

Emma Johnson, junior, and Chase Barenklau, junior, submit artwork for the annual literary magazine. “I thought it was a fun project myself and we usually work well together so overall it was fun,” Johnson said.

The Depression
By Olivia Bassett

It’s so hard to explain

Imagine you’re swimming and
All of a sudden you feel like
You’re being pulled down

You have a weight on both of your feet,
And they are pulling you down more,
And more.

Until . . . You hit rock bottom,
It feels like you can’t go any longer

So . . . you let go.

By Luke Faunce

The world is broken.
Shattered by an unseen force
A sickness
Destroying us in more ways than one
Ripping us apart inside and out

We are broken.
Torn apart by our insignificant squabbling and stubbornness
Deracinated by temptation, greed, and lust for power
Passion and love is being transformed into hatred and violence
The world is broken . . .
And it’s up to us to fix it.