Senior Spotlight: Clay Essex


Emma Johnson, Reporter

Clayton Essex, senior, said he feels that his best high school memories are the Friday night football games and the feeling of being part of the team on the field.
“It’s such a great feeling to have the community behind your back and being able to entertain and make them proud,” he said.
Essex tells the bond he had with his teammates is what made them so successful as a football team.
“Our football team was not the best physically, but that did not stop us because we had a great bond and have had one of the most successful seasons yet. We earned everything we got because of our hard work,” Essex said.
Essex said he is not all that disappointed about not going to class, he just misses his friends.
“I miss the routine and seeing other people but I don’t necessarily miss the classes and schoolwork,” He said
Essex plans to keep himself busy in the quarantine with work and enjoys spending the time with his father while also working with his hands.
“It is my dad’s business, so I enjoy the bonding time with him. It is also a construction business so I like getting to use my hands for work,” Essex said.
Essex said he is staying motivated by maintaining a schedule and putting earned money away for college.
Essex plans to attend MidAmerica Nazarene in the fall to play football.
“I have always wanted to play football in college and they have given me the opportunity. It is also a Christian college and that is very important to me.”