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Lily Woolsey

Freshman Hailey McDiffett

Lily Woolsey

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. I judge myself a lot and I look at myself a lot and I think that I’m not doing good enough. I see myself as not perfect a lot. It just makes me really upset. I started realizing I was putting too much pressure on myself. I slowly started to relax and see myself for who I was. I started to become more happy with myself. I stopped being so hard on myself. If you didn’t like your body or something, don’t use a scale or something as a way to measure your self worth because people aren’t going to look at you and be like “Oh, you’re not skinny” or “You’re too skinny” and think that you aren’t pretty because the more pressure you put on yourself, the harder it’s going to be to accomplish the image you want. You have to start out liking yourself and then you can work on what your want. I’m passionate about makeup. I really like anything artistic. I really like to draw a lot, so I like to put that on my face or paper. If I’m sad, it would probably reflect in what I’m drawing. If I have had a really bad day, they don’t seem as bright as they would compared to another thing. I draw on paper and stuff. I don’t really have an art style. I switch a lot. It leans more toward the cartoon-ey side of things because I can’t do realistic things. I don’t like going with proportions because when I’m less realistic I can bring out anything. When you’re doing a realistic drawing, I can’t put whatever in it. If I were to draw, I lean more towards that and put more feeling into that than I would something realistic. I don’t think of makeup as a shield to hide things I don’t like about myself. I think it’s more to bring out the features you like in yourself. I like to use bright colors in my face because it builds up your confidence to make you like who you are a little more. I think those are two of the art forms that I really like.”

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