Mustang vs. Mustang

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Mustang vs. Mustang

Cali Seck

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It’s a cold, wet, Sunday morning. Most people would be asleep at 6:30. The sun is just about to rise when the crowd hears the first crack of the bat. It’s a Mustang vs. Mustang game. The same organization, the same jersey, the only thing that’s different, is the ages.

The younger team fields first. As they warm up, the park can feel the competitiveness radiate off of each team. You’d think the young ones would be scared to play their older sister team, but they couldn’t be more excited. They wanted nothing more than to beat them and get bragging rights.

As the pitcher fires the first pitch, it’s a strike right down the middle. Perfect, just what they wanted. She struck the first girl out and they celebrated, but not for long.

Next batter up smashes the ball right through the infield. The next after that hit another one, and it kept going until they scored 10 runs in the first inning. Saddened, the younger team gets ready to bat.

First batter up, she gets on. The younger team cheers as loud as they can and pick up the energy. Who knew a team could be so loud at 7 in the morning?

It was a long, hard game. At 7:30 it ended. As expected, the older team wins. Both sides joined together at the pitching mound to say “good game”. They all put their hands in the middle, smiling and laughing as we scream our team name.

So at the end of the game, it was still cold, it was still wet, it was still miserable, but there was no place the two teams would rather be.

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