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Stephanie Castillo

Stephanie Castillo, Staff Member

Junior Stephanie Castillo has a talent many people might not know about, she likes to crochet.

Last summer she stayed with her grandmother for a week in the Ozarks, where she joined her grandmother to one of her sewing meetings. All of the sewing machines had been taken at the meeting, so instead of sitting there, she decided to have someone teach her how to crochet.

Stephanie knows she’s not the greatest, but that doesn’t stop if from making her happy and enjoying doing it.
She believes being as happy as you can be is very important.

Stephanie’s favorite quote is: “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”
Stephanie believes it is very important to do what makes you happy.

Science is another thing Stephanie enjoys.

““I get giddy when I think about it, I’m a major science geek, so any class that has to do with any type of science (except Earth Space Science) I love,” she said.

Stephanie says science makes her happy because she loves learning how things work, and science class allows her to do just that, figure out how things work.

It’s exciting for her to learn new things, which is why she joined journalism.

“It was something new to try and I thought it would shake up my schedule a bit,” she said.

She’s excited to be a part of the journalism crew and to try something different.

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Stephanie Castillo