Spring Sports- Track

Macayla Enman

Freshman Ashton Bishop said she runs long distance in track because it makes her feel good. Many aspects motivate Bishop to run. Bishops older brother and her late cross country coach, Larry Criddle, helped motivate her to run long distance.

“When I run I think about my time that I need to get in,” Bishop said.

She said Coach Lesley Wilson coaches her on what time she needs to make for the first lap so she can focus on the first lap to try to keep the pace for the rest of the race.

Freshman Tristen Haddock, long-distance runner, said track makes her feel energetic and ready for anything.

“When you just enjoy running like I do, it is easy and fun but sometimes track can be tiring and overwhelming,” Haddock said.

Haddock said that she usually doesn’t think about anything else other than running because she believes if she doesn’t, she will just be able to focus on the meet and run better.

Senior Cameron Seck, shot put thrower, said he believes track is a more of a workout than football.
It keeps me active instead of laying around after school.

”He said he enjoys competing with his friends and spending time with them at practice and meets. Seck said

Seck said his senior year was a great opportunity to have fun but at the same time to work hard and do his best.

His coach, Scott Karr said seniors make up an important part of the team.

“I always feel a little sad when the seniors leave because we spent a lot of time together. However, I feel excited for them to go out and make a life for themselves,” said Karl Schmidt, high jump, sprints and relay coach.

Lesley Wilson, hurdles and distance coach, said as seniors graduate and move on, the team may shrink, but the middle school students fill in the empty spots.

“It’s always sad to see them go, but exciting to see what they will do with their lives next,” Wilson said.