Faith on the Field

Moorea Long

Monday nights at the stadium are special to juniors Colton Gleghorn, Winston Davis and Jake Miller. They said they created the student-lead organization, Faith on the Field, after God connected with them.

Gleghorn said a video he watched with his mom he called “Faith on the Field.” sparked Gleghorn to get together with Miller and Davis to start the club in Paola.

“We wanted to spread the word of God to people who really don’t have Him in their lives,” Gleghorn said. “I think this is a good way to spread it.”
Miller said the organization brings the community together and the members closer to God.

“My favorite thing about it would definitely be that everyone is welcome and we all feel at home,” Miller said. “Everyone is given the ability to talk about all the things they are unsure of in their life.”

Davis said the boys wanted to work on their football skills during the off season and they decided to include God in their football games.
“I really like how kids of all ages come out to play football and learn about God,” Davis said. “Even kids their own age help teach their peers about the love of God through sports and daily life.”

Davis said they let people know about their Monday night meetings by social media, invite cards and word of mouth.
Faith on the Field is 6 p.m. Monday evenings; they said anyone is welcome. The night starts with a message about God, followed by a game of football.