Maddie Slyter Soccer Profile


Erik Brakner

“As soon as I step on the field, I feel like I am on another world. I focus on just winning the game,” said Slyter, a sophomore.

Slyter is the type of person that plays hard and tries with all her might to play a good and fun game, Slyter would like to say. After about 16 year of playing soccer, she started when she was in first grade, Slyter said she learned a few things like attitude in the game, great soccer skills and how to have fun with her teammates on and off the field. And still she is continues to learn more everyday.

What that is teaching her is hard work, patience, communicating to other players and teamwork. The team will need all of these to win a game to help her team, she said.

The team needs to start winning, because at practices the workouts are hard. Two hour long practices of kicking, passing and running with the soccer ball, but practices after a game are even worse. The coach can get strict, but is just to get the team to win a game or two, Slyter said.

Slyter says she has to work hard on the Paola varsity soccer team, because she is one of the two girls in team.

“I feel that being a girl I have a disadvantage,” Maddie said.

She feels that being a girl she has disadvantages because the coach has more boys to play rather than girls.

On game days everyone is excited and nervous so when the team is losing they start to yell at players like maddie for not making a goal or not helping the goalie defend the goal, since she plays defender, or the teammates yelling at other players for no reason.

One of those team mates is her brother, Trey Slyter, her brother supports her and helps her in practices and games.

“He helps and gives me support.” said Maddie.

The team is like a big family if the team does good the team get a reward at practice, but if team does bad the team will suffer as a team. The team also has a team dinners the night before the game so they can be like a family and get along together.

Maddie plays on average about one game every two games, since one game has two halfs she is only getting to playing two halfs. But never the less Maddie plays to the best of her abilities.

When Maddie plays she gets a feeling of excitement and the competitive feeling of just wanting to win this game. She tries to use what she learn to help he play stronger and smarter on the field.