Girls Basketball

Mariah Sullivan, The Reporter

Girls’ basketball coach Stuart Ross said his expectations for the team this year are for them to be the best they can be. Ross said that everyone wants to compare this year’s team to last year.
In past years the team has been very successful. In 2014 they won their substate and qualified for the state tournament, at state they were defeated by Andover Central in the first round. Last year the team had a record of 22-0, and they lost against Bishop Meige.
“Last year, a lot of kids were a part of the team, it was a special year and it’s going to be something we always remember,” Ross said.
“My relationship with the team is like that of a circus trainer,” He said. “I’m just trying to keep the lions from eating the trainer, honestly, they’re all crazy.”
Freshman Malia Czepcinski said she loves her team. Her hope is to continue to get better.
“I love the passion and aggression our team has for basketball,” Czepcinski said
Sophomore Jordan Johnson said she hopes the team can get back to the state championship and hopes that they can beat Bishop Meige.
“We work well as a team,” Johnson said. “Our teammates are our sisters we give it our all not just for ourselves, but for everyone else out there on the floor”
Annie Mae Kelley has been playing basketball for almost 12 years.
“It’s fun to compete with everyone and it’s just fun to play,” Kelley said.
They practice plenty of drills and scrimmages. Kelley said Coach Ross helps them improve each year.
“I would say most of it is what the individual kids do on their own; they are only good because they spend a lot of time playing, and I don’t really take any credit for that. And if they didn’t we probably wouldn’t be as successful,” Ross said.
The team had a great run last year; they went to state and had a great team bond. This year they hope they can get back to state and take the title.
“We had an amazing run last year,” said Laudan. “But we are just as hungry ¬– if not hungrier– for the State title this year.”
Laudan said the team’s relationship is great. They can give each other hard times and be serious, but at the end of the day they still love each other.
“I owe everything to that team,” Laudan said.
Laudan said Coach Ross knows how to keep the team happy. He always has music going or is cracking jokes.
“My four years on the basketball team have been filled with blood, sweat and tears,” Laudan said. “I love everything about this program and I wouldn’t change a thing.”