Senior goodbye: Skyler Hughes

Skyler Hughes, Organizational editor

Thirteen years is all we have as students and four of them are spent in high school. During these four years, we start to discover our identities, but where drama thrives.
As a senior, I have learned two things about school. The first is some classes are harder than others and the second is that drama is unnecessary and a big waste of precious time.
Drama consumes a lot of time. Time is useful in school and needs to be used wisely. For example, Composition 101 will take more time and effort than Current Social Issues but is equally important as Composition.
From what I have seen drama is a distraction from classes. Have you ever thought about how the more involved in drama you are the worse your grades are?
By switching what you are involved in, whether it be classes or friends, your mindset becomes more positive.
Positive mindsets are crucial in order to focus on classes and homework, and be successful
People who focus on drama have a negative mindset and will search for the drama no matter if they are involved or not.
There is a way to stay out of the drama. That way is changing your mindset to “Get in, Get out”, or in longer terms get the job done and leave. It is as simple as that.
By using the policy of “Get in, Get out” drama goes away and a more positive mindset sets in. Classes become easier as there is no distraction from drama. The mantra works wonders by reducing or eliminating drama. Life is short and we only have a certain number of years.
My advice to you is to live your life the way you want and make every second count. You only have one life, live it, enjoy it, and “Get in, Get out”.