Make the most of these changing times

Students can find ways to look on the bright side during these changing times.

Ethan Cerros, Reporter

Walking outside at least once during these last couple of weeks, something feels different: the feeling of ‘change.’ Of course, a global health crisis tends to have that kind of effect on a world of fast-working people.

Everyone now has to change their daily lives to block the ripple effect COVID-19 continues to have on Earth. From the dedicated healthcare workers to the focused parents working from home, everyone has changed.

Change is a hard thing to come by in a world that doesn’t like it, but now, every aspect of our lives has been altered. The pandemic has affected jobs for hard-working individuals, and also everyone’s form of education.

The striking nature of this entire situation still leaves us speechless. What should people do when the lack of hand sanitizer and Lysol looms over their heads, while they still intend to receive their diploma? That’s when remote learning comes into play.

Remote learning and distance teaching are the No. 1 tool schools are using for staff and students to be safe at home. It seems to be working and functioning well enough for everyone to still be hooked on school without struggle. Interactions between students and teachers are simple and easy to use. Directions are easy to follow and whenever something doesn’t work out, all it takes is sending an email to ask for help.

The biggest addition to virtual learning is more homework time. In the past, it seemed like it was hard to catch a breath in the fast paced-everyday grind of high school. Where the only time to finish assignments would be the 45-minute break between dinner and a basketball game. Now, students have all the time in the world to be self-educated as they wish.

There are downsides to virtual learning, including procrastination. It is easier to find distractions at home, than it is in a quiet classroom where the only thing to keep the time passing by, is to do homework or fall asleep. It is hard to focus on one thing when anyone can easily push responsibility aside and clean their room or do laundry instead. Aside from everyone’s minor difficulties in managing time at home, it seems like school and technology are going to be connected while we adjust to this new way of life.

As everyone waits for this to blow over soon, we need to make the most of our time. Finding new hobbies or something to watch while still balancing education in between, sounds like the best way to use the time we are given for a while. These days may feel shorter than usual, but why not make them feel like the best days of our lives in any way possible.