Feminism Needs to be Understood

Katie Austin, Reporter

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Scrolling through Facebook. Post after post. A dozen likes. About a million shares. I click on one post.

“Feminism is the death of the world.”

As I read through the article, the post suggests women are causing the end of our world with their feminism. Or we have to stand against feminism or it will end us all. This stance is wrong because people all around the world don’t truly understand.

The problem I see is not feminism, it’s “Pretend Feminism” or the wrong meaning of feminism.

Our generation doesn’t truly understand the meaning of feminism. We picture that feminism is women ruling the world which changes the word feminism from something purely good into something used as a threat to beat women down. Feminism truly means the equality of both genders.

In Tiffany Wilks’s, “The True Meaning of Feminism needs to be understood” she said, “It does not mean women should receive special treatment or men should be put down in order for women to rise above.”

Many automatically assume feminists want to beat them down with feminism because of what has been pushed into their minds from others, social media or even television. I will admit some women take feminism too far because they never learned the real definition. Many have rewritten the definition of feminism to be something scary and overpowering but for us it should just be about equality.

Women should be able to speak their voice such as being able to express their opinions on all matters but men also have that right.

Let’s take the “new” definition of feminism from fighting for power to fighting for equality. Then we will be able to stand with one another and work together, not fight against each other.

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