Twitter Fights

Twitter Fights

Courtesy of Funnyism Website

Lainey Dent

It’s a Saturday morning, 9 am. I wake up and roll over to check my phone. Twitter. While scrolling through my feed, I see four people arguing about whether Clinton or Trump should be president. Next, I grab my popcorn and sit back to read through this thread.

Those who argue on Twitter normally have strong opinions about different topics or just like to argue.

The most interesting fights are those who involve several people. Although, if you aren’t following both parties, you won’t understand half of what’s going on. So, then, you’ll follow these random people just to see their side of the story.

Unfortunately, sometimes you show up late to the fight and both users have deleted their tweets. This is a tragic thing that happens far too often.

Since we live in Kansas, several arguments are about gun laws and or rights. Politics are also a common ground. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump also like to tweet at each other.

Twitter fights are not effective because all you’re doing is arguing with a computer screen. If you truly feel that strongly, share your thoughts face-to-face.

If you’re no longer in high school, you probably should be at college or work or something, not on twitter arguing with underclassmen. To prevent Twitter fights you could 1, not voice your opinion if it is going to start problems or 2, delete your Twitter.

The fights are funny to read but over all, stupid and pointless. So if you’re trying to look stupid or be funny, argue on Twitter.