Say No To Drugs

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Jenna Collier

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17 percent of high school students abuse the toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, according to the Huffington Post website

It’s important for schools to drug test so the students can stay healthy and they make better decisions.

The use of these substances is not worth it. Peer pressure is the leading cause to the use of alcohol and drugs,according to the web article

Marijuana causes a drop in most teens grades because it causes mood swings and also deep depression, says The average GPA for high school students is a 2.79 and half of the students who abuse the use of drugs don’t even reach that number. Education to be a very important part of a teenager’s life because it helps them achieve more in the future.

The consequences can be fatal and also hurt your brain by leaving you with impaired learning and memory problems. It can also deprive the brain of chemicals causing depression and destructive behavior, according to teen rehab center.

The kids who do drugs are more rebellious and act out more and give more attitude, warns This happens to teens because it is a way of letting anger out. They use drugs to give them an excuse to act out. These kids get more attention than they should have just because they do drugs.

School drug testing is very important but the percentage of schools that do it is relatively small. Every school should have at least one form of drug testing.

By eighth grade, 28 percent of teenagers have drank alcohol, 15 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5 percent have ingested many forms of marijuana.

Most teenagers who admit to doing drugs or drank alcohol said they weren’t under parental supervision. Parents should care more about their teens well-being and they should make sure they are doing well in school or make sure they are friends with the right type of people.

It is very important that parents set good roles for their children so that they do not have the actions that were once yours.

As of 2016, wrote that more teenagers would smoke pot before they ever smoke a cigarette, and as of 2015, more teenagers would smoke weed before they ever were to drink any sort of alcoholic beverage.

Drugs are bad for teens and any other person at that. Say no to drugs.

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