10 Things I Wish I’d Known As A Freshman


Moorea Long, Social Media Editor

1. Relax. Seniors will not actually shove you into lockers, despite rumors to the contrary.

2. Take a risk, not the kind of risk that lands you in the principal’s office, but go outside your comfort zone and explore your new horizon.

3. Accept the fact that your friend group from middle school will not be the same as you transition into high school. People change.

4. Discover a new talent. Who knows, you may be a budding astronaut air guitar rockstar!

5. Think before you do something that could deny you opportunity down the road. Don’t screw up before you even get started.

6. Choose the company you keep wisely and don’t succumb to peer pressure. One stupid choice could stop you from millions of opportunities.

7. Ask questions. You won’t be judged. Those are rumors too.

8. Manage your time responsibly. I know you want to watch the game or hang with friends, but do your homework. The sooner the better.

9. Create a friendship with your teachers. They are there to help you and watch you grow.

10. Be confident. You own your own destiny.