New Greenhouse for Science Classes

Moorea Long

Biology teacher Karl Schmidt said he is extremely excited about the new greenhouse and anxious for it to be ready.
“I’m excited to move everything in and start using the greenhouse,” Schmidt said. “I want to get using it as soon as possible with my classes.”
Junior Lainey Dent said she is looking forward to dissections in the greenhouse.
“I’m really pumped to do projects and labs out there,” Dent said. “It’ll be a lot better than being stuck in a classroom that smells.”
Construction on the greenhouse started in the middle of May and is still going. The greenhouse was a part of the 17 million dollar bond.
It will house frogs, snakes, fruit flies, fish; grow assorted plants and provide a place for experiments.
It will be used all school year and has a water-based air conditioning system in it, Schmidt said.
Schmidt said the greenhouse will provide a great learning experience for all of the students. He said he sees his biology classes using it the most.
“The greenhouse will provide an amazing hands-on learning experiences,” Schmidt said. “This will show the students what real science is.”