AP Classes


Chloe Rauch, 10, writing her answer about why Macbeth brought the daggers out of Duncan’s chamber in English on April 14th.

Mariah Sullivan, The Reporter

Taking AP Classes may be hard and the work may be intensive, but students will benefit from it. AP Classes are programs that offer college level curriculum for high school students. The classes can help students get scholarships, and better prepare them for college.
“I decided to take AP Classes because I wanted to challenge myself and be better prepared for college,” said Allison Daggett. “I talked it over with my parents and they figured it would be a good class for me to take so that I could better myself.”
The classes are difficult and much harder than regular classes. Kaitlyn Anderson said in the classes you don’t talk about everything, and there is a lot in the tests that wasn’t talked about at all.
“Your workload is much bigger, and you’re expected to know things that the teacher gives you ahead of time,” Daggett said.
The classes are based on an ACT type questions where taking the concept that was learned, and applying it to a document, and writing an essay on it.
“Compared to English class where we right three essays per semester, and I write about 15 essays total in AP,” said Anderson.
Daggett said the classes do prepare you for college, and you get college experience. She said they are really hard, but it will benefit to take them.
“I feel that those students that do take AP courses do have a better chance to go farther in their educational career.” Daggett said “If you’re not willing to put in the work then you shouldn’t take the class.”
Anderson said GPA is something to take into consideration before taking an AP Class.
“I lost my 4.0 GPA going into an AP Class,” said Anderson. “It’s a lot harder with time management and things of that nature.”