Senior Spotlight: Mason Escobar


Photo courtesy of Mason Escobar

Caption: Mason Escobar poses for a photo during his senior photo shoot. Escobar plans to use what he has learned in high school and what he will learn in college and give back to those around him. “I want to achieve peace of mind whenever possible, and I feel that in my old age, if I haven’t given back the same or greater amount of good to the world that I borrowed from it, I won’t feel at peace in my own mind,” he said. “I think any career path I choose will have to be one that allows me to give back to the world in some form.”

Emma Johnson, Public relations manager

Mason Escobar, senior, said that his fondest high school memory was winning the state debate championship this past year.
“I was ecstatic and very relieved. For many reasons, almost all of them internal, I felt like the weakest link of the four-person squad.
Escobar said that when Charlotte [George] and Escobar lost their final round to Bishop Miege, he was frustrated because he felt that they had prepared fiercely for the battle and that much of the blame rested upon him.
“So, when we all discovered that we had won, I was instantly able to forget all past losses and focus on the great debating we had all done those two days,” he said.
Escobar said he connected with countless numbers of staff and students. One staff member, in particular, was Rebecca Johnson, Scholars Bowl sponsor and the Scholars Bowl team.
“The memory of this year’s end-of-season Scholars’ Bowl party is one of my favorite memories,” he said. “I was disappointed with the result from our regional competition, but playing Kahoot and cracking jokes with my Scholars’ Bowl family reminded me of all the fun times we had during tournaments, on the drives to and from, and while chatting in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom while we waited for her to pick us up. It was a very bittersweet moment.”
To pass the time at home, Escobar said he has been playing video games, reading books, and taking the time to catch up with old friends from California.
Escobar said what he will miss most about the high school is all the close friendships he has made.
“It’s cliché, but people say friends are the family you get to choose, and that definitely holds true for me,” he said.
Escobar said the most valuable lesson he learned while in high school is to not procrastinate.
“Procrastination is potent enough to almost single-handedly negate the benefits of fast learning and a strong mind,” he said. “One must avoid procrastinating at all costs if they wish to succeed.”
Escobar plans to study political science at Davidson College in North Carolina. After college, he plans to be a lawyer, journalist or a law enforcement officer.