Senior Spotlight: Mason Roseberry

Senior Mason Roseberry plans to attend Pittsburg State University to major in business administration.

Natalie Glassel, Reporter

Mason Roseberry, senior, plans to attend Pittsburg State University this fall to earn a business administration degree.
“The idea of owning my own business and being my own boss has always been a passion of mine,” Roseberry said.
Roseberry said his favorite memory of attending PHS was seeing the football team go up against Bishop Meige in the fall. Roseberry said he felt excited to be able to witness his friends play the perennial state champions in the play-offs.
“I was proud to be a part of the small-town community that supported them that night,” he said.
Roseberry said he knows the class of 2020 did some amazing things this year. He said this class will leave behind a legacy of hope and resilience and even though his senior year got cut short because of the stay-at-home order, something good will come out of the experience. He said he and his classmates will all become stronger because of it.
“We were born during a time of grief when 9/11 happened and we will graduate during a time of adversity,” Roseberry said.
During this time at home, Roseberry is spending time with his younger brothers.
“I’ve been appreciating the extra time with my family,” he said.
Roseberry said he was surprised when he learned schools closed for the rest of the year. in the beginning, he said he didn’t mind not having school because he didn’t have to wake up early and go, but after a while, he started missing his friends and being able to spend time with them. The last thing he thought when he walked out of PHS for the last time wasn’t that he’d never be back again.
“The last time I had walked out of the high school, all I was thinking about was enjoying Spring Break with my friends,” he said.
This year, Roseberry decided to compete in track and will miss out on that opportunity.
“I miss not getting to say goodbye to all my friends and the closure that comes with those last few weeks of high school,” he said.
Roseberry said his best learning experience from high school was taking Public Speaking this year.
“It taught me how to communicate effectively and helped me gain confidence when talking to people,” Roseberry said.