Senior spotlight: Madison Reif

Senior Madison Reif plans to become a nurse. Photo 2: Madison Reif, senior, and Tyler McKinney, ’18 graduate, take pictures for her junior prom. Photo 3: One of Reif’s drawings. Reif stays busy during this time off school by drawing and building.

Natalie Glassel, Reporter

Madison Reif is a senior with big plans for her future.
Reif plans to attend MidAmerica Nazarene University to major in nursing. Reif’s said her mother is a nurse so she has been familiar with nursing and what it entails.
“I find a passion in taking care of people,” Reif said.
Reif wants to help people in her future, but will never forget the memories of her high school days.
Reif said that her best memory from attending PHS was her junior prom. She thoroughly enjoyed the fun of prom and had been dreaming of going to prom for a long time.
Reif is passing the time during the stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, by building things and drawing. She wishes she could be able to finish out her senior year at PHS and really enjoyed the last weeks she had there.
“I am going to miss stressing on finals, going to prom, enjoying spring sports, and lastly, I’m going to miss walking across the stage at graduation,” Reif said.
Reif’s best learning experience during high school is learning how to use her time wisely.
“My four years at PHS will always be in my memories forever. They have helped me build lifelong friendships, she said.