Senior spotlight: Kaitlyn White


Ethan Cerros

Senior Kaitlyn White, left, and junior Raye Nolte paint the set of Godspell, which the PHS theater department performed in November. White loves theater and plans to major in it in college.

Mady Robertson, Reporter

A big part of senior Kaitlyn White’s high school years is theater. White joined theater when she was a freshman. Throughout her four years, she has connected and bonded with her theater class and considers them to be family.
“When you spend that much time together in rehearsals sharing experiences, it creates a bond. With shows that we take to festival, that bond strengthens because we all put our very best into it. Especially with Celtic[Tales], the loss of Javen Church, who was an actor in it, really brought us together.”
One of White’s best memories from high school is when she and her theater class attended the 2018 International Thespian Festival with their show Celtic Tales.
“It was while working on that show that I first found a family in theater,” she said.
White plans to major in theater design and production after she graduates. Eventually, she wants to be certified to teach French and Spanish.
“I’ve loved my high school theater experience,” she said..” I don’t think I can live without it so I decided to make it my career. I think that it’s important that people speak more than one language, and I love studying language and culture.”
With the recent statewide school closing, White has missed being at school. As a senior, she said there are memories that she and other classmates will miss.
“I’m pretty disappointed that we won’t get to finish our year. I’ve learned to appreciate and actually like school and seeing my friends every day. It’s especially disappointing for us seniors, we won’t get all of our “last’s”.”
Even though White will miss out on special memories, that’s not stopping her from enjoying the little things. White is getting creative and designing and making her own dress for a contest.
“I’m working on making my prom dress out of duct tape for the Stuck At Prom scholarship contest.”
White looks on the bright side of things even when they are tough or strange.
“A bit of advice for underclassmen- Your high school experience will be as good as you make it,” she said. “A bit of advice for underclassmen- Your high school experience will be as good as you make it.”