Letter from my future self to my senior self


Jacob Farmer puts himself in the place of his future self to help him out during his last quarter of senior year.

Jacob Farmer, Guest writer

Dear Jacob,
How are you doing? I hope you aren’t getting too bored sitting at home all day, every single day. I know you are still livid about everything that has happened in the last couple weeks, but trust me it will get better. It may seem like a weird and convoluted part of your life but you’ll be fine. Just make sure you take advantage of your new free time and don’t be dilatory with your schoolwork. Here are some ideas of activities to keep yourself busy during your “quarantine”:
Write a letter to your local government entreating them to take actions to end the spread of this virus.
Play basketball by yourself.
Join an online cult (but not a bad one, one that is chill and doesn’t hurt people).
Create an imaginary enemy (not friend) who you can blame for every inimical action that happens in your house.
Read every book in your house, even the dumb ones.
Create a gibberish language that only you can understand.
Solve world hunger, tell no one.
Lose all aspects of yourself that are staid, because that’s boring and no one will see you when you are home alone.
Create an online persona that is so cogent that people truly believe you are an educated and important person so you can eventually become a politician and then achieve the most influential position in the whole world (as the children did in the novel Ender’s Game).
Write down false anecdotes that could happen when you are alone in your house. Then publish those as a book of short stories.
I hope these ideas will be helpful for the next couple of months. If you don’t stay busy, you’ll become incredibliy unproductive and churlish and we both know you don’t want that.