Sounds of Nature

Evyn Rolf

Overall, the sound outside in the trees is very calming.
The wind toys with a chime and plays a soft melody on the porch of a nearby house. The wind blows yellow and orange leaves down from the treetops.

A dog pants, running in circles as he tries to investigate everything there is to see: plants, dirt, sticks, rocks, deer tracks in the mud. Another dog barks, somewhere farther off, and he raises his head and barks back. They continue to bark back and forth for a few minutes.

The drone of a lawnmower hums, occasionally stopping to make way for the sound of human voices discussing whatever it is two people would interrupt lawn-mowing for, before starting back up. Another dog barks. A four-wheeler growls as its rider revs the engine.
“Watch out!” Someone cries, and the engine reduces to a purr, fading into the sound of the mower. Dogs bark again. Cars race by on the road, and the four-wheeler revs again.