Commons Vignette


Macayla Enman

The commons starts off quiet, as time goes by the commons fill with little foot steps. When the bell rings it gradually becomes louder. The little footsteps become a mob. Friends greets friends like they haven’t seen each other in forever.

“It’s OK she’s my best friend,” a girl a in a pink shirt said hugging her best friend tightly.

The bell rings again, it’s quiet but not that quiet. People are listening to music, doing homework and talking. Every table is different, poker, jocks, phone addicts. Each table is a group of friends. They sit and talk about their day, what’s been going and the hottest drama.

Some cuddle with their girlfriend or boyfriend and others sit and talk, listen to music and do their homework. Before the bell rings for that last time that day, students start standing up. Gathering their backpacks on and their books together they wait for the bell.

The bell rings and the quiet commons become a mess, students run to their lockers and back. The kids storm out like an mob going for their cars or the bus they ride.