Freshman Volleyball Vignette

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Freshman Volleyball Vignette

Jenna Collier

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On Oct. 8, the 9th grade girls volleyball team traveled to Louisburg for the Frontier League tournament.

Prior to the last match, the ladies had played five games and were undefeated. Before starting, the final set to DeSoto, their energy levels were low. They had no excitement and a glaze settled over their eyes.

The game started and the girls were unable to get their passes down, and it was easy to see that the girls could not focus on playing.

One could tell they were defeated by the time they started getting down. Their coach was angry but still showed compassion and encouragement toward her players.

In the middle of their game, a girl from the other team screamed after she came down on one of Paola’s players. She had twisted her ankle and found out she had broken it.

Paola was still struggling to make a comeback.

Losing one point after another Paola was down and there was no way they could come back. They had lost 8- 25.

After switching courts the team talked about what they needed to work on in the next match. But they did not perform the acts needed to win.

The freshmen were down 20- 12 in the second match. Their heads were low and no one thought they’d be able to pick them back up.

It only took one point to get them right back on track.

The teammates on the bench cheered their hearts out in hope that they could pull it together and make a difference in the game.

After the next few points made by Paola, the determination shone in their eyes and the air was thick with tension.

Sweat dripped off their faces when receiving the ball. Pass, set, hit. It’s 20-17. Paola is still down but right on their tail

The other team lost it, while the Panthers were doing what had considered to be impossible.

20-20 the game is now tied. And the determination changed nervousness and excitement. Rally after rally, hit after hit. Paola scores.

After pushing super hard, Paola wins the second match and the captains flip to decide who serves.

Paola has the advantage since they are ready to win. They first serve is over. Ace. The paola fans go nuts.

Many points after another the game ends 15-4 and Paola had won the league tournament and did not lose a single game.

Tears rushing down the coaches and the players face had the whole team joyful. The team did something no one thought could be done. And the taste of victory lingered on the tongues of the players.

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