Abby Langton

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The tree’s are starting to turn different colors. There is multiple shades of red, orange, green, and yellow. The weather is slowly turning cooler. Through the sounds of the wind blowing, car exhaust running, and music playing, friends talk. They talk about the memories they share. Recent memories or memories from what seems to be years ago.

“Remember when we made Mac and Cheese at Cali’s at 2 a.m. and she got so mad at us.” says Michaela Palsmeier said thinking back on a memory with her friends as they laugh.

As the sun shines through the clouds, people drive in and out of the small Sonic that sits at the edge of Paola.

The small amount of sun shining in reflects off the green tables. The group of friends continues talking and then gets onto the topic of dogs. They all talk about their dream dogs. They know someone who lives nearby with a dog.

They look over and see their friend with her dog. The entire group jumps up and runs over to their friend and her dog Zoey.

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