Youth Group Bonfire

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Youth Group Bonfire

Kalyn Bell

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The crackling sound of the fire inside the burning wood. Over the fire, roasted S’mores and hotdogs, ready for the bonfire to start. All the kids gather around the fire to roast their marshmallows with their tiny wire sticks while singing the songs the youth leader started to sing. The kids sang about five songs, dancing and doing motions with the little kids.

Making sure they were all paying attention to the little band. But when this all stopped and we took time in silence to listen to what was around us, all you could hear was nature. Crickets were the main sound of the night once the laughter and singing died down.

“We can have fun just about anywhere,” says the youth leader.

This was a new experience for most the kids since usually everyone relaxes inside and eats food. Mostly everybody seemed to enjoy it.

Since it was raining that morning and a little through the day it was really muddy. The fire could only stay burning for short periods of time because of the damp wood. But that did not stop anyone from having fun, roasting food, talking, or singing their favorite church songs. But because of the weather the bugs were flying around around biting everyone and the grass was itching everyone’s legs and feet.

The grass and the bugs biting were making everyone very itchy. Sitting at this bonfire for about three hours watching and listening to what everyone was doing. This included the time all the kids were playing sports such as basketball, four square, talking and riding on skateboards. And the only sounds everyone could hear when all the kids were quiet were the crickets.

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