New shows, books can help pass time

Kaylee Miller, Reporter

As high school students transition into their new versions of every-day life, Allen Peuser, junior, carries on with a full-time job and school.
“With school being online, I have more opportunities to make a better life for myself,” Peuser said.
Online schooling gives students more time to watch new shows or pick up reading new books.
“With the extra time on my hands I have picked up watching All American due to the meaning behind the story,” Peuser said.
Peuser said All American has taught him to extend the way he sees things in life.
” It has taught me to fully fill the opportunities in life that pushes me ahead of my dreams,” Peuser said.
With going to football practices and getting side games in before the stay-at-home order, Peuser helps a friend, Steven Yeager, sophomore, improve at football. Yeager said, having Peuser showing him techniques helps make Yeager a better player.
When having to take time out of his day to study after a stay, Yeager reads The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman. Yeager said the book is centered on the first month of World War I. After the introductory chapters, Tuchman describes in great detail the opening events of the conflict. Its focus then becomes a military history of the contestants, chiefly the great powers.
“With having all this extra time on my hands I thought it would be in my best interest to pick up a book or a new hobby to keep myself busy,” Yeager said.