Poetry by Christina Feugate, junior, and Photography by Katie Lynnea



I took it at Miola Lake Jan. 3 of Tabitha Cantrell, junior. When I took it I didn’t really like it but I was feeling experimental and creative so I figured why not mess around with my editing. And it actually came out pretty darn tootin cool.

Christina Feugate, Guest writer

“My Angel”

There are angel wings

High in the sky

When time flies

You make me wanna cry

I remember the time

When I cried

Seeing those blue eyes

You will always be mine

Your body may be cold

But your touch is still warm

Watching over me

Like a butterfly

Let your wings spread

As I let the wind flow

The goosebumps shall show

When your close

My heart may be broken

But you will always be mine

My twin sister shall fly

High in the sky


The guilt eats me alive

I feel it inside

Why am I alive

When I can just die

The guilt makes me cry

I look at the sky

Wondering why

Makes me want to cry

The guilt is hidden inside

The guilt eats me alive

The guilt takes my mind

That’s why I cry


Death will happen one day

But not today

Today we must pray

That we will be okay

Death has been near

But there’s nothing to fear

We are here

And people do care

Death wanted me

But God wouldn’t let me

Death took a piece of me

The piece that completed me

Death controlled me

In hopes to show me

Death doesn’t need me

Instead it fears me