Villains Squad Up: Suicide Squad Review

Shannon Robinson, Copy Editor

Suicide Squad is a slightly sadistic and violent, action-packed packed movie with lots of witty and unusual humor.

The movie, written and directed by David Ayer, opened Aug. 5 with record-breaking box office results of more than 64 million. It focuses on six super villains from the DC comic books brought together by U.S. Intelligence officer Amanda Waller and forced to fight The Enchantress and her brother. Put under the command of Rick Flag, Waller’s right-hand man, these villains are thrown into a losing battle to save the entire human race.

The movie was well made and it was an interesting idea to pit villains against villains. Ayer really gives viewers a good feel for each villain by including in-depth backstories. Giving insight on each character’s’ past helps explain how they became who they are.

On the other hand, Suicide Squad didn’t seem to have a well-defined plot. There were so many holes in the plot it was like Swiss cheese. As soon as it seemed the action and suspense was leading up to something great, it just continued to drag on and on until the very end.

Along those lines, making a movie chock-full of villains wasn’t as much of a good idea as it was an interesting one. There did not seem to be a protagonist in this movie. Even Rick Flag, commander in charge of the suicide squad, seemed like he could be the main character but Ayer chose to focus more on Deadshot, one of the previously incarcerated villains.

In addition, the character’s looks were not on par with how they appeared in the comics. Harley Quinn, for example, should wear something close to the original black and red outfit she wears in the comics. Her outfit, booty shorts with a torn-up crop top, seemed to have been thrown together by a teenage boy looking for action.

Although I was confused for about half the movie it was OK. Watch Suicide Squad if you like action and violence and are looking for a good laugh. Don’t waste your time or money if you are a huge DC fan because what you imagine the characters to be like is most likely not what they are in this movie. Your DC villain dreams will be destroyed. Three and a half out of five stars.