Social Media vs. Social Communication

looking into screen-time effects

Natalie Glassel, Multimedia Editor

Q&A with Grace Kinaman, senior
Why do you prioritize putting your phone away in class?
So you can learn the material being taught better.

How do you think teachers could stop students from being on their phone in class?
Make [class] more interesting like hands on stuff and labs in science classes.

Why do you put your phone in your backpack during class?
To be respectful of the teacher and learn.
Q&A with Zayden Sollis, freshman
Why are you on your phone in class?
I get bored.

How can teachers interest you in class more?
Probably make their lessons more fun and less work related.

Do you think your phone distracts you in class?
Quite often, I get on TikTok a lot.

Why do you think teenagers are on their phones so much?
We were brought into a world of technology and taught it was normal to be on our phones.
Q&A with Todd Weaver, history teacher
Why do you tell students to put their phone away at the beginning of class?
I want them focused on what we are covering for the day, not on their phones.

How do you feel when students remain on their phones for all of class?
I feel it is disrespectful. I give them my full attention if they need something from me so I expect the same from them.

Why do you think phones are a distraction in class?
I believe to fully understand something you need to have full attention on that and the phones distract people way too much.