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Lillian Davis

Sophomore Carson Gleghorn

Lillian Davis

Carson Gleghorn is one individual in Paola that stands out for his big heart and passion for athletics. He looks up to his father the most for his same passion for sports especially football. His father has always said “keep your head Carson” words and advice that has always stuck in his head. On the football field especially Carson says “I can hear my dad saying that everytime I mess up and it keeps me going”. His father’s words remind him to keep his head up not only on the field, but in life in general. Individuals like Carson and his father are the pride of the Paola football team and community with their heart and devotion. Carson has lived in quite a few different places in his life. One of which was in Huntsville, Arkansas. There he lived with his two older brothers and both of his parents. The house as described by his mother “was absolutely gorgeous” but Carson’s father was gone a lot for work and as said by Carson’s mom “their marriage was not in a good place”. Carson didn’t really notice though since he was so young and couldn’t remember. What Carson did understand from a young age was that parents have to make sacrifices to provide for their family. Knowing this made him understand the importance of providing for a family.

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