Afternoon at Sonic

Michaela Palsmeier

It was a 70 degree day in Paola. The wind was blowing cool air and the birds were chirping.

At the new Sonic location images of people eating food , smiles and laughter. Cars and leaves room by on the streets.

Leaves flutter to the ground and coins ping off the concrete.

“Let’s talk about memories.” a girl said.

“Remember when we made mac and cheese at like two in the morning and Cali got so mad at us?,” she said.

Laughter burst out, and even more smiles.

Conversation continues between the girls for the rest of the night. More lights could be seen in the night sky and cigarette smoke was in the air.

The setting sun was a pink and orange mixture which could brighten eyes everywhere.

When it got too chilly, the girls went home.