Moorea Long, The Reporter

Wrestling Coach Russell Hermreck said this season will be very interesting simply because they will have a lot of new faces who have an opportunity to represent the varsity program. He also said they have some experienced wrestlers capable of performing very well and have a great opportunity to be considered as some of the top wrestlers within the state of Kansas.
This will be his eighth year as head wrestling coach.
“I love the challenges and the difficulty of the sport. Every single day the discipline required by those athletes to endure our season is something that most will never understand,” Hermreck said.
He said for three plus months he has asked his athletes to report to a practice room on a daily basis and endure what will probably be the hardest physical fitness regimen they will ever endure and most of the time they are getting physically beat up by someone that is either a little bit bigger or stronger than they are.
“This sport will truly separate those who are willing to put in the time to be good at something and those who simply wish to be good at something. My hopes for them are very simple: to progress daily and improve their skills through vigorous practice routines and competitions. We focus on a long term plan or road map with our underclassmen.” Hermreck said.
Sophomore Emily Benton said this is her first wrestling season. She said she hopes to win at least one match.
“I think the team will do very well. We have some really good wrestlers and we work very hard at practice,” Benton said.
She said the hardest thing about wrestling is all the tumbling and moves they have to memorize. Her opponents and teammates are helpful and patient with her.
“My biggest opponent is also my biggest teacher,” she said.
Sophomore Jaden Knecht has been wrestling since he was 5 years old. He said he loves putting effort in at practice and seeing the results come out at meets.
“I think it should be a pretty good season with lots of hard work at practices. My opponents and I will have some tough competition,” Knecht said.