Top Ten Worst Ways To Break Up With Somebody

Top Ten Worst Ways To Break Up With Somebody

Courtesy of Davanti Counselling

Macayla Enman

Nearly everyone at some point has gone thought of the worst ways to dump a somebody. The breakup process is almost always awkward and uncomfortable no matter how you go about it.

But what are some of the worst ways to dump someone?

Top 10 worst way to break up with somebody:

1. Through a text message
Texting is easier than having a face-to-face conversation because you aren’t directly confronted with the other person’s emotions.
Because of this, sending a text may seem like the easiest way of telling the former partner of your dreams that your relationship has become a nightmare, but ending it with a text message tells him or her that what you once shared means so little to you now that they aren’t even worth a phone call.

2. Over a phone call
You can call but you can’t say it to their face.With the exception of a long- distance relationship (which never work), breaking up with someone over the phone is one of the clearest signs you don’t want to interact with that person.

3. Having someone do it for you.
You don’t want to see them cry but if you make a friend do it that’s not any better. There going to wonder why you couldn’t say it to their face. Am I not worth it? Did something happen? Why me? Getting someone else to do your dirty work for you is really taking your status to new lows. All this will do is make you look like a coward who didn’t have the courage to break up with their partner face-to-face.

4. Over social media
What could be more cowardly or superficial than finding out you’re being dumped through social media? For example, broadcasting your single status on Facebook or insulting your partner in a Twitter or Instagram rant will definitely give your ex the shock factor you were going for. However, you will look like a horrible, childish person who has to brake up with someone behind a screen.

5. Avoiding them
Avoiding someone is not a great way to break up with them.
It’s rude and confusing to the other person, and it will only cause problems for you in the long run. The guy/girl has no idea why you’ve suddenly stopped returning his phone calls and texts or why you don’t answer the door anymore when he/she knocks.

6. Finding out they cheated on you
By far, the worst way to dump somebody is by cheating on them. It’s pretty much saying your not worth it. Your aren’t what I wanted, i want something better. Or sometimes they think you’re not in a relationship anymore so they move on, without even thinking to ask.

7. In a letter
We understand that in many situations, it’s easier to put things in writing than to say them out loud. But when it comes to dumping, it’s just not fair to go this route. In the end, you do more than take yourself out of the relationship, you take away something else that’s just as bad: the other person’s right to express the hurt and anger they might feel toward you for breaking their heart.

8. In Front of a Group
Sure, by breaking up with someone in a crowd, you lessen the risk that they’ll make a scene, but that is manipulative and cowardly. At least give them a chance to express their feelings when it’s over, otherwise you rob them of closure which is just petty and cruel. It’s bad enough to do it in a public place where you’re both stuck and with strangers watching, but it’s absolutely horrible to do this in front of a group of friends. That is just humiliating and everyone there will think less of you.

9. In public
If you think breaking up with somebody in public, it is sure to cause a scene, you’re wrong.In reality, breakups are emotional and regardless of how you feel beforehand, once you are deep into the process of letting your relationship go, you may not be able to stop the flood gates from opening, voices may be raised and you could end up with an audience hanging on your every word as you go through a very personal ordeal.

10. The “It’s not you it’s me” line
They only say that not to hurt your feelings but let’s be honest, if you’re saying that we obviously know it’s not us. This line is completely cliché and overplayed.You won’t get far by telling them what a horrible person you are and how you have problems you have to work on in order to try and deflect the situation. You will get more respect by being straightforward and honest.

Some ways are better than others, but the best way is to sit down face-to-face with your partner and be kind, yet honest, while telling him or her why you just can’t be with they anymore.

So as you can see the only nice way to break up with somebody is to say it to their face. It may be hard or it may not be, but saying it to their face is the only way to have full closure.