Teacher from Thailand: Nathan Bateman

Moorea Long, Social Media Editor

Nathan Bateman, the new Business and Technology Concepts teacher, comes all the way from Thailand. Bateman worked there for seven years before becoming part of the multimedia program at the high school.

“My personal goal is to teach students in-demand skills that are marketable and pay well,” Bateman said.

In the past, Bateman has taught students how to build a website from the ground up.

“Bateman brings strength in computer programming and alternate learning platforms,” said Principal Phil Bressler.

Allison Daggett, a senior in Bateman’s MIT class, said Bateman’s web background is a huge help for them to learn in the class.

“It’s been interesting to hear him talk about teaching abroad,” said Daggett.

Bateman is originally from Georgia where he attended Valdosta State.